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Thread: QB64 site and forum explodes into nothing, then rises like a phoenix?

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    Re: QB64 site and forum explodes into nothing, then rises like a phoenix?

    In my experience you can learn to tolerate and work around most bugs in any software product. Although this shouldn't be necessary if companies deliver proper products and deal with user feedback correctly. Regarding the latter, I don't mind reporting a bug and even providing certain information about my system but there are times I got rather fed up with the constant back and forth between some helpdesk or whatever. That, and I sometimes questioned the relevancy of the information being requested. Is it reasonable to expect your end user to deliver reams of info while it's your product that's faulty? I don't think so.

    Also, some responses to bug reports gave me the impression I was expected to do stuff so technical that I got the feeling I might as well try and fix the issue myself. I probably could, but usually don't expect to have to do so. It is kind of self-defeating to get a product to perform tasks when it turns out you're expected to do all kinds of things to the point you might as well ditch the thing and do it yourself.
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