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Thread: Correlated Dataset Generator In Excel

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    Correlated Dataset Generator In Excel

    I have developed a macro-enabled Excel program that creates datasets of variables with user-specified correlations. The program accommodates normal random variates, scale variables with specified mean, standard deviation, etc. and/or binomial variables. It is freely available; please share it with others.

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    Re: Correlated Dataset Generator

    Ahhh, I did this years ago. Changing the mean and/or standard deviation doesn't change the correlation, and it's easy to do, as different means and/or SDs are just linear transformations.

    Creating a specific correlation is a bit tricky though. As said, it's been years ago but, if I remember correctly, I just did it by creating a perfect correlation and then swapping random pairs in one of the columns until I got the correlation I wanted (within an epsilon tolerance).

    Now, a trickier problem is creating specific bi-variate correlations among three or more columns.
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    Re: Correlated Dataset Generator In Excel

    Since it isn't a question, it belongs in either Utilities or the CodeBank. I opted for Utilities because the source isn't included, but a link to a spreadsheet is.
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