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Thread: Musk buys Twitter

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    Re: Musk buys Twitter

    Quote Originally Posted by FunkyDexter View Post
    Personally, I don't think his vote switch announcement was an attempt to waylay upcoming sexual harassment accusations. Maybe it was but it smacks of a simple coincidence that the media have, unsurprisingly, been able to grab onto to hype the story a little more.
    I might be inclined to agree if it were just the change of political alignment. It's an odd thing to announce but Musk is definitely the sort of person to make such a big deal of something like that. We also know that he really hates unions, but claiming that the Democratic party is controlled by them is simply ridiculous. What makes it most suspicious is that, in one particular tweet (not sure if there were multiple on the subject) he signed off by claiming that "they" were going to start attacking him for changing his allegiance. A matter of days later this information comes out and he is immediately trying to cast it as a politically-motivated attack, even though we know that this revelation was already in the works before his announcement. If I heard correctly, whoever made this information public had actually contacted him about it a week or two ago. It seems that he absolutely knew that this was coming out so, while his political switch may not be fake, the idea that this information being made public was motivated by it absolutely is and it's simply him trying to deflect from what he did. As I said before, he's now not only got people around him to tell him that he didn't do anything wrong but that he's the real victim. I guess when you're so concerned about women's safety in public bathrooms, you've got no concern left for their safety at work.

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    Re: Musk buys Twitter

    The timing does seem suspicious. I think it was going to happen but this harassment suit might have sped up the decision. I think he has sucked most of the easy money out of the Democrats and now sees greener pastures with the Republicans. As I said before, I think he showed his real colors when he fought against any COVID restrictions that would negatively effect his car factories.

    A business man peddling a false image to make money. Go figure. Not a new idea but it still works.

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