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Thread: Musk buys Twitter

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    Re: Musk buys Twitter

    Quote Originally Posted by jmcilhinney View Post
    Regardless of whether it's true or not, it seems to me that he might have waited until he had a clearer idea of what actually happened before suggesting that Twitter interfered in the Brazilian election. There's no small chance that that could lead to violence in Brazil so speculation is probably not ideal. As suggested though, he's probably just trying to generate traffic. A few Brazilians arrested, hurt or dead won't affect him though, so why not?
    From what I've seen Musk isn't concerned about the damage he does, it's all about success and attention. He's starting to sound a lot like Trump. "Twitter MAY have interfered" "I've heard concerning reports" sound familiar?

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    Re: Musk buys Twitter

    People are saying...
    The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter - Winston Churchill

    Hadoop actually sounds more like the way they greet each other in Yorkshire - Inferrd

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