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Thread: Prepurchase question about VB.Net

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    Prepurchase question about VB.Net

    Where I work, we have several applications that are written in Visual Basic. It's been decided to keep them.

    The goal the company has is to put VB.Net on the server. Then when we hire .Net programmers, they all use the same version that is installed on the server. NO LOCAL INSTALL. The goal is that everyone uses the same version of VB with the same patch programs. Can the Enterprise version be on the server?

    The second question I have is that we have several old VB applications. Once the above is done, we want to upgrade the old applications to the latest version of VB that's installed on the server.

    Can the above be done.

    NOTE: Someone might say put it in the cloud. Where I work, going cloud is a little to advanced for management. So, putting things on the server is only option.

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    Re: Prepurchase question about VB.Net

    Based on this article it seems not possible

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    Re: Prepurchase question about VB.Net

    You mention "the server" 5 times in your post without clarification of what its role is.

    If this is a server that the developers will connect to via Remote Desktop, where they then can run Visual Studio from inside that RDP session, then it should work. That being said, while I worked for many years at a company that provided RDP based application hosting, Visual Studio was not a program I recall any of our clients needing hosted, so I can't speak with 100% authority.

    If this is simply a file server with shared folders and the expectation is that the developer can just run something like \\ServerName\VStudioShare\VisualStudio.exe from any computer they want and it will function the same as if Visual Studio were fully installed on their own computer, then almost certainly not.

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    Re: Prepurchase question about VB.Net

    It is not clair if you are talking about VS (the IDE used to program), the applications, or the framwork.
    If you talk about application or framework you can deploy them from server, run them on server make them portable ecc
    If you are talking about the IDE you can install it on the server and use it by RDP but I would not advice that because of performance and because very often it require administrator privileges..
    For update vb application:
    if this apps are developped in and work fine the only thing you need to do is change the target framework to new one (that is only not have to look for older framework install, but to use the new one that you maybe deploy by SCCM or other system. There is no need to refactoring an application that work fine otherwise.
    If it was developped in VB 6 or older you have to port them in

    Generally in the company where I worked we done like that:
    VS is installed on local machine of developper.
    The target framework is deployed somehow to all the machine in the company network together the other library needed (let say access runtime or crystalreport or any other db library needed (by SCCM or newest way, or manually)
    The application builded often as a single package is placed on a file server, and a shortcut placed to the user desktop.
    There are other way but I saw that many many company do in this way.
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