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Thread: Why is programming on apple devices so aweful?

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    Why is programming on apple devices so aweful?

    I have been programming since I was about 17 - 49 now.

    I started out in DOS on 386 using Borland C, did assembly, COBOL, Pascal, C++, and BASIC over the years.

    Today I knock out a pretty complex prototype in VS in any language in a few hours but having been experimenting with Apple devices recently I feel like I have time warped back to 1995.

    What is happening over in Apple land and why do they seem to have so much less functionality and such estoteric interfaces for coding?

    Or am I missing something?

    Im using Xcode, Apple Ipad Air

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    Re: Why is programming on apple devices so aweful?

    Maybe because these apps were not well developed?

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    Re: Why is programming on apple devices so aweful?

    Im using Xcode, Apple Ipad Air
    I spot at least one thing wrong in that statement. IPads are not exactly development tools.
    I'm using IntelliJ on a Macbook Pro ... and it's faaaabulous. I also use VSCode, and from time to time Visual Studio for Mac...
    IPads aren't a development platform any more than a Google Pixel is... XCode may also be the issue, but I don't know as I don't use it directly, but do use some of the CLI tools that come with it.

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