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Thread: Create windows 10 ghost file ?

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    Create windows 10 ghost file ?

    How to create a ghost file for windows 10 after installing the original from setup, running norton ghost version 11.5 it gives an error not to create a ghost file, from win7 version and below create normally, how to create a ghost file for win 10 ?

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    Re: Create windows 10 ghost file ?

    A Google search lead to this thread:
    What is your Windows operating system? Norton Ghost was discontinued in 2013 and the 15-Mar-2013 announcement Norton Ghost Has Been Discontinued was updated on 31-Jul-2015 to note that "Attempting to install or use Norton Ghost on Windows 8 & Windows 10 may result in unexpected results, such as incomplete imaging". Norton Ghost was replaced by Symantec System Recovery, but that software was eventually re-branded as Veritas System Recovery in 2015 when the Veritas division became a separate company, and Veritas System Recovery(link is external) is now sold and supported exclusively by Veritas .

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    Re: Create windows 10 ghost file ?

    If you make a bootable Ghost disc or USB drive, you may be able to boot from it and make a backup image. No guarantees. You would want to make a test image, restore that to a different hard drive, and then test the restored image to make sure that all is working as it should before relying on this method of image archiving. Otherwise, you may want to switch to a different imaging program that is supported and will install on Windows 10.

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