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Thread: [RESOLVED] A question for Kaiser (Northern California) members

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    Re: A question for Kaiser (Northern California) members

    Sounds weird.

    Our vaccination cards are paper. Vaccinations are hand written on them.

    I even have two, and when I got the second card (for my 3rd dose) they told me to just write the new info on the old card if I wanted to carry just one.

    As far as I can determine "electronic" cards are totally bogus, issued just as willy-nilly. A placebo at best, i.e. merely a record to remind you with no other purpose.

    The whole thing is getting silly. Air travel should simply be banned, period.

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    Re: A question for Kaiser (Northern California) members

    G'Day Martin

    In Oz we find it much easier to just buy them on AliExpress

    I always thought this was .cn Business Development, release virus, then sell fake certificates, Job done.

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    Re: A question for Kaiser (Northern California) members

    I bet that if you installed the Kaiser Permanente digital app and used it to connect to your account..... you'd get their fancy Health Card.
    "I have been wanting to grow my own food but I can not find any bacon seeds."

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    Re: [RESOLVED] A question for Kaiser (Northern California) members

    Can you access it using a computer and a web browser? If yes, then you should be able to either screen capture it or create a .pdf file of it that can be sent to your phone.

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