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Thread: compiled .exe very slow

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    compiled .exe very slow

    i compiled my project with the ide "make .exe"

    If i run with pf5, in ide, the code work very fast... but instead the .exe after double click run very very slow.

    suggestion, please.

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    Re: compiled .exe very slow

    What is the code doing?
    Code in the iDE is slower normally because after each instruction it is doing some housekeeping to allow debugging hooks, and it also p-code interpreting.
    The compiled code is usually quite a bit faster for most operations.
    But, there may be the case where the code is too fast for what you are doing so the code ends up having to wait for something, and that wait can be much longer than the execution.
    In the IDE, the code might be "slow" enough that it doesn't have to wait, so while the execution may be slower than compiled, it doesn't have to wait so over all progress is much faster.

    But without any idea of what your code is doing, we can't really guess effectively of what the problem may be.

    You may be starving the User Interface, so the code seems to be slow responding because it is busy executing the code much faster than in the IDE.
    Or it could be perception, as in the case where an animation may look good in the IDE because you see each frame of animation because the code may be looping at less than 60 hertz, but when compiled may be running at 100s of hertz so the frames of animation you see may appear to be slow, or even running backwards, i.e. the wagon wheel spoke effect of old movies, where the rotation rate increases through the frame speed of the camera.
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    Re: compiled .exe very slow

    is this a guess game? its impossible to know without more information.
    tell more what you are doing, what is "slow", and what u want the program to do.

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