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Thread: Voice chat over lan in word environment

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    Voice chat over lan in word environment

    I've been finding some threads about voice chat over LAN, but they are in, and do not work in or VB. My program is in the MS Word Environment (VBE). I am creating a medical report writing software and want to add a voice chat function so that doctors and staff can talk to each other through their computers through a LAN Network. The Less Frills the better. I just need the userform to have an address book (to add new staff members and pick individuals to call). If two way conversation is possible, GREAT, but I would be happy with walkie-talkie style communications as well. This does NOT need anything fancy, and i definitely DO NOT want this to go through the net, as I want my program to be a standalone.
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    Re: Voice chat over lan in word environment

    i am sure there are some samples for chat programs in the codebank for vb6 and earlier
    while these are probably based for use on the internet, you should be able to limit any of them local area only
    some conversion maybe required to convert from vb6 to vba, but probably simple enough
    i do my best to test code works before i post it, but sometimes am unable to do so for some reason, and usually say so if this is the case.
    Note code snippets posted are just that and do not include error handling that is required in real world applications, but avoid On Error Resume Next

    dim all variables as required as often i have done so elsewhere in my code but only posted the relevant part

    come back and mark your original post as resolved if your problem is fixed

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