I have a requirement to store text messages for sending in a sequential fashion. However, due to reasons of program structure I am using a timer to pick up the messages and process them for sending on.

I am using a quick a dirty method of passing the message to the timer using the timer's .tag property. I am not ashamed! It is just a method to pass a parameter for the moment and is temporary.

The trouble is of course, that if two messages are sent to the timer sequentially close in time then there is a chance that one message will overwrite the .tag before the first has been processed.

I think I need to create a message queue and I could do that with an array, popping each message onto the array 'stack' and reading the stack sequentially, afterwards clearing the array. It is unlikely that more than three or four messages could make it into the 'stack' simultaneously.

So, that is what I had planned to implement but I thought I'd ask first as there is probably a better method of queueing messages or handling an event such as a message arriving.

My reasoning for creating a timer and an array is that is just how my brain works and the limit of my BASIC knowledge.

The messages are text messages typically up to 255 chars.

Your help appreciated in this.