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Thread: Moving the 'Other BASIC' forum from the 'Other Languages' section

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    Moving the 'Other BASIC' forum from the 'Other Languages' section

    Hi Moderators
    I made the quoted suggestion below in the TwinBasic thread and Shaggy Hiker suggested that I repost it here.
    I think that the 'Visual Basic' section just might be a more 'natural' home for the 'Other BASIC' sub-forum than is the 'Other Languages' section.
    Making this change would also have the effect of raising the profile of the 'Other BASIC' sub-forum, in which there is some very interesting activity
    going on recently.
    I'd be grateful if you would consider this. Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by vbrad View Post
    What if "Other Basic" was moved from "Other languages" to just under "VB6 and earlier".
    Even without all the current interest in TwinBasic and Radbasic, it might be a more appropriate location for it anyway
    The subforum currently occupying that spot hasn't had a post since last October. Does it deserve to still be "above the fold"?
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    Re: Moving the 'Other BASIC' forum from the 'Other Languages' section

    I guess the point of the Other BASIC forum was for BASIC variants that weren't visual, but the proliferation of "real VB6 successors" probably means that the majority of questions in that forum these days are about visual variants of BASIC.

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    Re: Moving the 'Other BASIC' forum from the 'Other Languages' section

    What JMC has said is correct. Other BASIC is still Other, but virtually all of it is around a series of potential replacements for VB6. It is getting some traction, but at this point it isn't clear where it will go. This trend seems likely to continue, with increasing activity around the potential replacements, especially TwinBASIC and RadBASIC. For that reason, it seemed like the Other BASIC forum could reasonably be 'promoted' to a place up there with .NET and Classic VB.

    At this point, I don't support creating a new forum for any one of these replacements, because it isn't at all clear where this is going, or that there is enough support for any of them. However, Other BASIC is a location for ALL of them, and that is valuable. I have already suggested in the Twin BASIC thread that they start new threads with either "TB:" or "TwinBASIC:" in the subject line. If enough of those threads were to show up (or similar ones for RadBASIC), it would become clear how much activity there is for any/all of these alternatives.

    I don't know if this is a small change, though it seems like it would be.
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