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Thread: Is it possible to provide version control of modules?

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    Smile Is it possible to provide version control of modules?

    I would like to do version control for modules and classes.
    But when I save the changes to the module from my code pane, in fact, I cannot know that the changes have occurred. Because it is written to the internal bin structure of the xlsm file.

    Ideally, I need to monitor the working xlsm file (in particular its bin structure), then parse it (unpack) and compare the structure of internal files with the original ones in the my working folder.
    And only by rewriting them, the git will be able to see the changes in order to upload them to the github.

    Maybe there are some ready-made solutions, someone dealt with this issue?
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    Re: Is it possible to provide version control of modules?

    You would normally do this from outside, you version a file not part of a file.

    If i had to do this i would either version your entire excel file or import your modules from outside of excel. through referencing.

    from your explanation your describing things ive never looked into, going into bin files (from unzipping i guess) and going into the core or an excel file. i would hazard a guess and say changing anything inside here is ultimately going to break your file as a whole.

    I honestly would look into saving your modules outside of your excel file and then referencing them back into it and having a module inside of your excel file that handles this. i think this method might be hitting two birds with one stone too.

    1 - an updated excel file will have the updated code to handle the updated modules (preventing loading modules that no longer work)
    2 - an old excel file will only have the code to load an older version of the module (preventing modules that have added functionality that the excel file cant handle)

    maybe some of the other guys here can provide more elegant solutions (they usually do )
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