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Thread: text length validation

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    text length validation


    I have a problem with validation.

    Main idea about txbBILL_NR field validation - the minimum number of characters is 4 to select records.
    In case the user enters less than 4 characters in the field by pressing the Select button,
    the app must display the warning "At least 4 characters must be entered to select entries!".
    Until at least 4 characters have been entered, record selection does not have to take place and the result field must be blank.

    So I wrote the code, thinking about validation for textbox and this does not working at all.
    I think I have a problem with this row "Me.bsBillGrid.DataSource = WSApplicant.Formated.ServiceApplicant.GetBillGrid(New WSApplicant.WS.ArgsBillGrid() With {.BILL_NR = Me.txbBILL_NR.TextLike}).ToSortableBindingList" with datasource. Can not imagine how would it be right.

    Please help me with this validation. is it ok?

    If Me.txbBILL_NR.TextLength >= 4 Then
                Me.dgvBill.Visible = True
                    If Me.bsBillGrid.Current IsNot Nothing Then
                    End If
                Catch ex As Exception
                End Try
            End If
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    Re: text length validation

    Depends. Where is that code located? If it's in the right place, then it should be reasonably long as search does what you want, etc. It will only run if the length is four or greater, so that part is right.
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