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Thread: [RESOLVED] Increment Operator Not Working in Enumerable.Repeat

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Increment Operator Not Working in Enumerable.Repeat

    I found that using the postfix increment operator in Enumerable.Repeat doesn't increment the underlying variable. See for example:
    var parameterIndex = 0;
    var slugs = new[] {"one", "two"};
    var slugParameters = Enumerable.Repeat($"@{parameterIndex++}", slugs.Length);
    Console.WriteLine($" Status IN ({string.Join(", ", slugParameters)})");

    The output from above is:
    Status IN (@0, @0)
    When I would expect it to be:
    Status IN (@0, @1)
    What causes this behavior and is there a workaround aside from manually looping over the array?

    Apparently using a select works as expected:
    var slugParameters = slugs.Select(slug => $"@{parameterIndex++}");
    But I'm still curious why it doesn't work with Enumerable.Repeat.

    Update #2
    I see why now. It is calling:
    Once and then repeating that result n times.
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