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Thread: How to protect .dll?

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    How to protect .dll?


    I'm developing a class lib (C#, Netcore 3.1) that especially I develop for a project, is there any way to protect my .dll so the other would not able to see the methods and properties inside the lib? and the lib must only be used for that project.

    need advice.


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    Re: How to protect .dll?

    Yes there is. You can use a program to obfuscate the dll.
    Google: .net obfuscator
    Having said that I'm not sure how well a free obfuscator works.
    Also, especially because you are using, why bother? The dll would be on the server and only server users have access on that. So possibly an admin and you?
    And on top of that, I think that you have been here long to see high rep members NOT using any protection method. It's tricky and, honestly if you are not pioneering on the code, probably hackers won't bother opening your dll.
    We are in part of a huge UK based company and any software they send us, I can open the dll. So it makes you wonder why they don't lock em, non?

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    Re: How to protect .dll?

    Also, I think the obfuscater only obfuscates internal code... but not the public methods or properties. Those would remain as they are and public to the DLL.

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    Re: How to protect .dll?

    You use Delphi to write DLL API or DLL COM is better security than C#

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    Re: How to protect .dll?

    I think it's not about decompiling, but not allowing others to see the properties and methods and thus use the DLL from other products.

    You can always add a handshake property/method to the DLL.
    If the handshake is correct then proceed when the properties/methods are called.

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