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Thread: [RESOLVED] Windows 98 essential files run

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Windows 98 essential files run

    I'm with a curiosity I want to do the following get windows 98 and delete all files and leave only the essential files, and using it on a freedos to run applications and would like to know what are the essential files theoretically and how to make it work.

    then configure the essentials user.exe user.dat,sysytem32 essentials.

    because with windows 3.11 i managed to do this i deleted everything from windows 3 and left the essentials only. and in place of PROGMAN.EXE I put my application Made in VB4.

    and it worked, that is, it is possible to make the system simple and practical. to use, I want to run my vb6 apps in a WINDOWS98 layer that has only the essentials to run my program, over MSDOS or Freedos enabling Develop apps for the already dead system.

    So I ask what are the essential files? after done any version of msdos could run , like in windows 3.11 ?

    Well someone asked a question similar to mine but I don't want to waste space, I really just want what I need to use vb6 in msdos on a WIN98 layer.,57209.0.html

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    Re: Windows 98 essential files run

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