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Thread: Left join access Table and Sql Table

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    Left join access Table and Sql Table


    I try to create a left join between an access table and sql table and display the result in dataview

    Final result:
    Nopiece Qte_Bom Supplier

    This is my code:
    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
            Dim connectionString As String = "Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=U:\JV23\JV236\JV236I.mdb"
            Dim sql As String = "SELECT Nopiece,Qte_Bom FROM Pere_Fils"
            Dim connection As New OleDbConnection(connectionString)
            Dim dataadapter As New OleDbDataAdapter(sql, connection)
            Dim ds As New DataSet()
            dataadapter.Fill(ds, "Pere_Fils")
            Dim Sql2 As String
            Dim da2 As SqlDataAdapter
            Connection_SQL("sa", "SAD", "\TDL", "tdl2012sql")
            Sql2 = "SELECT Nopiece,Supplier FROM [SAD].[dbo].[Prog_Sigmanest]   where [Job]='JV236I'"
            da2 = New SqlDataAdapter(Sql2, cn)
            da2.Fill(ds, "Prog_Sigmanest")
            DataGridView1.DataSource = ??????

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    Re: Left join access Table and Sql Table

    Hi Jackb223, welcome to VBForums! Keep in mind that your posts will need to go through the moderation queue for the first couple of posts, so please don't double post.

    I've also added code tags to your post. If you want more information on those, please visit the link in my signature.

    Finally, could you please elaborate on your problem? You did good in provided the expected results along with the code you have, but it is still difficult to understand what it is that you're trying to do. I highly recommend visiting this stickied thread:
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    Re: Left join access Table and Sql Table

    The datasource will be the datatable that you filled with the dataadapter. You don't really need a dataset, in this case, because it looks like you only have the one table. A dataset is just a collection of datatables, so what you have is essentially a collection with one item in it. There's nothing particularly wrong with that, it's just a bit more involved than you need.

    So, your datasource could be just this:
    DataGridView1.DataSource = ds.Tables("Prog_Sigmanest")

    Or just:
    DataGridView1.DataSource = ds(0)
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    Re: Left join access Table and Sql Table

    Sorry I was not enough clear
    So I have 1 access database "JV236I.mdb with a table Pere_Fils"
    and I have another SQL database "tdl2012sql with a table Prog_Sigmanest"

    and I want select all item from Pere_Fils left join with Prog_Sigmanest

    If all the table are in the same database , access or sql , I could do select with left join but
    with 2 different database , I don't know

    I hope is more clear

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    Re: Left join access Table and Sql Table

    In this case, a Dataset is ideal... fill one DataTable with the data from the one Access table, fill another Datatable from the SQL Server data... put both in the DataSet... then create a DataRelation (I think that's the right name) between the two that describes the relationship - this creates a left join via code between the two DataTables... with all that you should be able then to create a Dataview that pulls the data from the two DataTables based on the DataRelation.


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    Re: Left join access Table and Sql Table


    I will try

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