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Thread: How to call backend code from js?

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    Question How to call backend code from js?


    Iím new to ASP NET MVC (NetCore 3.1), how to call a method from js?

    Public async Task(int) Mytest(int _i)
        return _i*5;
    Just a simple code example, how to call and get its return value from js?

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    Re: How to call backend code from js?

                url: '/ControllerName/ControllerMethod',   // eg if your controller is call UserController and you method is GetUser then = '/User/GetUser'
                method: 'GET',
                data: { argumentName: argumentValue },
                success: function (Result) {  //Result is your return item which can be a single property or an object
                    // you could then pass the result to a textbox on the page for instance
                    $("#txtUserName").text = Result;
                error: function () {
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