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Thread: Custom uninstaller help

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    Question Custom uninstaller help

    I created a application in VS 2019. Using Publish I can create an installer and the installer runs file. But, when the program is removed from Windows Add/Remove, the folder the program is installed in is not removed. Also my program writes a few files to the same folder that I would like to remove upon uninstall.

    I'm thinking this is a custom uninstall action. But I do not know how to accomplish this.

    Anyone have any step by step instructions on how to do this? I can't find any good help docs on this.

    I'm assuming this involves adding an installer class?


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    Re: Custom uninstaller help

    A "good" uninstaller will only remove files it put there in the first place. If, after installation, your application is creating new files in the application install folder, then it would be inappropriate for the uninstaller to remove them.

    If these files that are created after installation have consistent and predictable filenames, one option would be to include empty (0 byte) files with those filenames in your installation package so that the installer has knowledge that it put those files there to begin with, so it should then also remove them when the product is uninstalled.

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    Re: Custom uninstaller help

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