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Thread: Get activate application name and details

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    Get activate application name and details

    Hello everyone,

    I developed a form, this form is active all the time in windows task bar. I am looking for a solution, on every minute, get the name of application on which active user is working.
    Like on

    09.40 am Outlook.exe inbox -
    09.41 am Explorer.exe
    09.42 am Chrome

    I know I can use a minute timer but but question is who to get other information like app name and details.

    Thank you.


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    Re: Get activate application name and details

    You would have to delve into unmanaged code, i.e. Windows API functions, for that. The first step would be to call the GetActiveWindow API to get the handle of the currently active window. You can then do whatever is required from there to get the information you need. That might be just getting the text of that window or it might be getting some information about the process that owns it. Researching how to call Windows API functions in general and that one in particular would be your first course of action.

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    Re: Get activate application name and details

    For the WebBrowser current tab url...

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