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Thread: How much dollars of VB6 developer a month?

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    How much dollars of VB6 developer a month?

    How much is the salary of a VB6 developer a month

    In China, I can hardly find a job with VB6 development, and the salary is low. It is mainly used for some industrial controls, touch screens, and upper computers. I wonder what is the situation in other countries?
    I want to do some VB6 online development work, I wonder if you need to recruit VB6 online job positions, or part of the functional module outsourcing development work?

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    Re: How much dollars of VB6 developer a month?


    In Greece most of the VB6 is done at the public sector and the salary there is fixed, whatever you do.
    So a VB6 developer will get the same as a VB.NET developer or as a C++ developer.
    I Believe the entry point is around 750-800 Euros for newbies. Funny thing was that back 20 or 30 years, people where getting huge amounts on public sector. So they started with 700, next year was 800, next 900 and the got as far as 2-3000 Euros, or they equivalent Drachmas , when the crisis broke loose , they where shrinking back, so from 3000 they went to 2000 to 1000 to 900. Few saw that and got an early retirement but , hahahaha, the government cut down the pensions so they got out with 3000-3500 Euros and now they get 800-1000 Euros or less. Those that stayed and now get 1000 Euros, they will get 4-500 Euros as a pension. Got job Government , we will see you on the elections...

    In private sector IF you find a VB6 job, it depends. If it is a "fix vb6 old code" job you won't get more than 7-800 but in some company I worked about 8-9 years,was it?, something like that. VB6 was used for a framework that was handling Ship and Trucks cargo data and the developers there where getting more than 2000Euros (remember there was not that big of a crisis in Greece back then).
    I was unfortunate enough to be handling a huge .net framework build on "newly introduced" to the company VB.NET and I remember I was on 1000 or 1100 Euros, something like that.

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