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Thread: Why Windows Explorer sometimes goes blind

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    Why Windows Explorer sometimes goes blind

    You probably know that in Windows Explorer, the address bar also acts as a progress bar (when loading the screen).
    When you navigate to a new folder, Windows Explorer shows the empty icons of all the files and subfolders in there, and then gradually loads thumbnails into those empty icons.
    During this process of loading thumbnails into empty icons, the address bar acts also as a progress bar, that is a green strip appears at the far left of the address bar, and gradually grows to the right and reaches the right end of the address bar.
    This looks like this:

    Usually, this progress bar moves from the beginning to the end in a split second.
    But, sometimes it goes very slowly and NEVER reaches the end (even though it keeps going).
    Even if I wait an hour, it will never reach the end.
    The only way to get rid of it is to press "Esc".
    When I press "Esc", then the progress stops (the green strip in the address bar/progress bar disappears and the mouse pointer goes back to hourglass).
    But the screen shows bare naked icons of the video files.
    Like this:

    When this happens, the only solution that I know of is to reboot the computer.
    Then after I reboot the computer, it works fine again and looks like this:

    This problem happens to me on average approximately once every three to four weeks.
    And whenever this happens, nothing solves the problem except rebooting my computer.
    Rebooting the computer solves this problem.

    Why does this problem happen?
    And how can I resolve it (short of rebooting my computer)?

    Please advise.

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    Re: Why Windows Explorer sometimes goes blind

    I'm guessing this is for W10?
    I don't use em so much (only at work laptop that I use for remote access in the summer) but if I have an issue I would have first looked at
    1)Windows Version. The initial W10 versions treated the thumbnails dreadful
    2)Clear the cache
    3)Restart the Explorer

    Here are some links:

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    Re: Why Windows Explorer sometimes goes blind

    Do you leave the pc on 24/7/365? If so......don't do that Or shut it down one day a week.

    Of, seek out and delete the HIDDEN file called IconCache.db located in the folder-> C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local
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    Re: Why Windows Explorer sometimes goes blind

    Windows Explorer? I think you might mean File Explorer, which replaced the old Windows Explorer.

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