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Thread: Changing from V2013 Automatic Formatting

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    Angry Changing from V2013 Automatic Formatting

    I have just bought a new laptop (Dell XPS 17 at huge expense - no quicker than my 7 year old HP Envy which sadly is losing its mind) and decided to change from V2013 to V2019.

    After the initial 189 warnings (yes really) I finally got it all working but was horrified to see that my entire layout had been reformatted - very annoying

    Anyway after the usual searching I solved the problem and now decide the layout rather than somebody 3,000 miles away

    Tools --> Options --> Text Editor --> Basic --> Advanced --> Editor Help (on the RHS) --> Pretty Listing TURN IT OFF

    [Edit: You can stop it forcing you to use compound structures eg intT *= 100 instead of intT = intT * 100 by using the suggested solutions and choosing to change the rule]

    And I really do NOT want to edit the .editorconfig file ... not that I would know how to or even where it is ...

    [Edit Again: Well, to stop it insisting I use Upper case titles I finally had to edit ".editorconfig" which sits in the directory that your project resides in. Open it with Notepad (or a non formatting equivalent) and add the final couple of lines

    # IDE0054: Use compound assignment
    dotnet_diagnostic.IDE0054.severity = none
    # IDE1006: Naming rule violation
    dotnet_diagnostic.IDE1006.severity = none
    # Defining the `first_word_upper_case_style` naming style
    dotnet_naming_style.first_word_upper_case_style.capitalization = none
    This has solved my problem, thank goodness

    Hope this helps somebody
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    Re: Changing from V2013 Automatic Formatting

    This belongs in a specialist forum. It's not a VB General question

    I've notified a moderator, who will move this thread

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