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Thread: Microphone Output hears the music i play

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    Post Microphone Output hears the music i play

    So what i exactly want to do is :

    To let people hear the music i put from a program to ingame via my microphone.

    I have tried searching and all i got is only complicated tools that does add music and such, i did the part where the music is now i only want my application to cast music via my microphone that's all.

    Regards and thanks for reading and helping.

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    Re: Microphone Output hears the music i play

    I don't really understand the consent.
    If you put a microphone then you cast music anyhow.
    If you mean record and play back you may need to use the winmm.dll with mciSendString
    Here is a media player I made for playback:
    Here is some examples for recording and play back:
    If however you want to capture the windows mixed to change sources etc then you're in for a hard ride but here is a mixer control I've maid a while ago:

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    Re: Microphone Output hears the music i play

    You can simply record audio files and play those in your game.
    Do you mean LIVE interaction eg: talking to your players as they play ?

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    Re: Microphone Output hears the music i play

    I think what he wants is similar to a situation I had early in the "working from home because of covid 19" online meetings.
    Earlier in the day I had been listening to some music in the background on my computer. Later I had a Skype meeting, so I joined the meeting and put on my headphones. There were several people on, and there was some music playing while we were waiting for the meeting to begin. The meeting began and we were conversing but the background music was continuing to play. I was about to say something about the music being distracting when I realized that the music was from my player which I had left running. No one else was hearing the music, so I just stopped my player.

    I think what JadaDev wants, is the music he is playing to be broadcast when he is in a conference call so that others hear the music in addition to his speaking.
    Of course, that won't work well with some conferencing connections where the software has to cut the mic input on non-duplex connections based on sound levels to switch between users. If you're transmitting continuously, then others will have to speak load enough and fairly continuously to try to cut your mic off.
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