So I'm building a dashboard and am working with Charts. With one of these (Line & Column on 2 axis) I change the source data programmatically, make some changes to formatting and then make the chart visible to the user.

The issue that I have is that for an instant, after changing the source data and making the chart visible, the previously selected data (and the columns that represent the previous data) is momentarily visible before the chart refreshes with the new source data. It's like an after-effect or after-image and can result in a column jumping from say 10% to 70% (albeit very quickly). It looks very 'glitchy'

I've tried various ways to work around this. One idea was to generate a new chart each time (from scratch) programmatically, so that there was no previous data to carry over when the chart is revealed. This time however, after making the chart visible and for a split second I can see what looks like a grey placeholder (a picture or an image of some grey columns) before the chart refreshes with the real data and real columns. Again its very quick but it still looks very glitchy.

Has anyone come across this before and found a wau to avoid / work around ?

Any help would be appreciated.