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Thread: Separate data coming from Serial Port

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    Separate data coming from Serial Port


    what is the best way wherein I can separate the incoming data from the Serial port?
    The serial port (from Arduino) will throw data to VB in a form something like this:


    If I just put the data in an array, it will just store the three data in a single element, right? I was wondering how can I separate the 2.00, 26.7, and 67.8 from one another?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Separate data coming from Serial Port

    If you're using println on the Arduino to print each value, then you should be able to use readline on the VB6 side to read each value separately from the serial port.
    What you do with each separate value as you get it is up to you at that point.
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    Re: Separate data coming from Serial Port

    Here is an MSComm control generic OnComm event implementation:

    Private Sub MSComm1_OnComm()
        Dim sInput          As String
        With MSComm1
            If .CommEvent = comEvReceive Then
                If .InputMode = comInputModeText Then
                    sInput = .Input
                    sInput = StrConv(.Input, vbUnicode)
                End If
                m_sReceived = m_sReceived & sInput
            End If
        End With
    End Sub
    Notice that input is *always* appended to a buffering member variable m_sReceived before being analyzed.

    You'll need some string handling routines like InStr, Mid, Split, etc. to implement actual m_sReceived parsing but don't get tempted to parse sInput directly as all serial communication can get chunked at random places (i.e. in the middle of your 2.00 transmission).

    Here is a digital weighing scales project of mine which has several such protocols parsed incl. opening serial port, listening for input and parsing input from several devices simultaneously.


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