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    [PHP] Project Architecture

    Hi every, thank you for taking the time to visit this thread. Here is the background, I am wanting to eventually start my own software development company and right now I have secured a contract job to build out a ticket maintenance system for an offshore company. What I'm wanting to do is develop a base stack so that I can use it going forward on future projects.

    I have written a simple console application that takes the following arguments so that it automatically generates the code that I'm displaying below:
    • Table name
    • Column names
    • File type (model, database, service, api)

    In my next several posts, I will provide the code that I am currently using to represent my Menu table in my database.

    For visibility, this is what the file structure looks like:
    ├── pages
    ├── server
    │   ├── api
    │   ├── database
    │   ├── model
    │   ├── service
    │   └── utilities
    └── vendor
    What I am hoping to achieve is direction on:
    1. Does this code structure make sense to other developers. I.e. if you were to inherit this project with no knowledge of who I am or how the project was developed, would it take too much effor to maintain
    2. Can the code be simplified?
    3. What suggestions do y'all have?
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