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Thread: MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback problem

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    MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback problem newbie here. I have an older .NET 2.0 application that I am upgrading to .NET 4.0.

    The application has a few drop-down lists with AutoPostBack = true. Now, in the 4.0 version, when you select an item, the focus jumps to the top of the page where it should set focus to the next field.

    I fixed the jumping by adding the following to the @Page declaration:

    The focus, however, now stays at the drop down list after selection. How can I advance the focus to the next field in the TabIndex sequence?

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    Re: MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback problem

    That certainly looks and sounds like ASP.NET, so I have moved the thread. If that isn't correct, you can either report the thread, or send one of the moderators a PM.
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