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Thread: How to recover damaged hard drive ?

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    How to recover damaged hard drive ?

    How to recover damaged hard drive ?

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    Re: How to recover damaged hard drive ?

    This is a generic question.
    HDD or SSD?
    System or backup?
    Internal or external?
    Broken or Data loss?
    NTFS or ANY BS Apple use?

    First you never ever use the drive with you operating system, remove it.
    Search here:
    Select and then ,if possible, plug it into a HDD slot and run the recovery software.
    If the data is valuable then better never use anything and just send it to a recovery company.
    If the data can be found elsewhere then plug and try to recover.

    If it is damaged and you can recover something out of it, save it somewhere and do a format to the drive. I'm talking with experience that I have on HDD that sometimes the bad sectors are marked and the drive keeps working fine. Over the past few years I had a few Seagate HDD external Barracuda, that eventual broke but I was able to pass a couple of years with Formatting.
    Also... If you have Barracuda drives, do your prayers. In our company we had a rack with some RAID and all Barracuturds. Out of the 20 drives 11-12 broke!

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    Re: How to recover damaged hard drive ?

    How was it damaged?
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