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Thread: [Add-In] Large Project Organiser (alternative Project Explorer)

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    [Add-In] Large Project Organiser (alternative Project Explorer)

    Undeterred by the lukewarm reception of my tab-Strip Add-In , here I am with another one. Gotta fill-up those lock-down days doing something, eh?

    This one is thought as a replacement for the built-in Project Explorer, and may be useful to somebody who is working with a large project. The idea (and not an original one!) is that you can organise your projects into something more meaningful than simply a list of Component Types: As illustrated below, create appropriate Groups and drag/drop into those



    And one is not limited to doing this on a one-to-one basis, either. Here I am cloning an item into more than one Group (via the CTRL key), just to show that that's possible, too:


    And, finally, one can order the Groups, however they see fit....


    ...and here's the code:

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    Re: [Add-In] Large Project Organiser (alternative Project Explorer)

    If anyone else stumbles on this like I did, I'll save you some time: Colin posted an updated version in this thread and just didn't update the link here.

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    Re: [Add-In] Large Project Organiser (alternative Project Explorer)

    Thank you very much! :-)

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