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Thread: Webview2 Text and Images Editing Questions

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    Webview2 Text and Images Editing Questions

    ok I know what I want to do pretty much boot not sure how to tackle it so I am asking advice on the best method.

    I would like to be able to edit text, format text, add drag n drop images.. should I:

    1: Use It Like A Web Browser and Edit Like This?
    2: Use It Like A Rich Text and Edit Like This?
    3: Use It Like A PDF and Edit Like This?

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    Re: Webview2 Text and Images Editing Questions

    Given that it IS a web browser (it's basically the Chromium-based Edge version of the old IE-based WebBrowser control) it seems to make the most sense to go with option 1. Given the functionality that Edge provides, I would assume that hosting a PDF would be easy enough but that's more about reading than editing. As for RTF, I'm not sure that there would be any native support, although I don't know that for a fact though. Seems like a RichTextBox would be a better option if that's what you want. Unless you specifically want PDF or RTF, I'd tend to default to HTML.

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