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Thread: How to create a leadger system in c#

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    How to create a leadger system in c#

    Hi dear how are you
    My question is how to create a leadger system in c# when i have column in db sale and purchase

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    Re: How to create a leadger system in c#

    We're not here to teach you how to program from scratch. What have you done and where are you stuck? If you want to create such a system then presumably you know how it works so put something into the logic that your application needs to implement and then make an effort to implement it. When you have broken it down into smaller parts then you can research them each independently and then, if an when you encounter an actual issue, you can ask us about that specifically.

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    Re: How to create a leadger system in c#

    First thing to do is read up on Accounting Principles and decide how you want to track things: Do you want to use a double entry system? This would be using credits and debits and look like a traditional accountants book system. Or a single entry system? This is a simpler ystem and looks like a traditional checkbook tracking where deposits are positive and payments as negatives and a running balance. Once you know what kind of system you want, then you can design the database or datastorage around that, then finally build the UI around that.

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