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Thread: I'm missing the text in my Mail.Body email.

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    I'm missing the text in my Mail.Body email.


    I'm trying to send an email from a windows form application using VB.NET. the email contains some text and an embedded image. I get to send the image, but the text is totally missing, my Mail.Body comes from a TextBox in this case is the TextBox6.Text

    This is my code so far. Code:
    1. Dim Mail As New MailMessage
    2. Mail.From = New MailAddress("", TextBox7.Text)
    3. Mail.[To].Add(New MailAddress(Enviar_a_Correo))
    4. Mail.Subject = TextBox7.Text
    6. Dim img1 As LinkedResource = New LinkedResource("C:\Users\dante\Downloads\Black_Hole.jpg", MediaTypeNames.Image.Jpeg)
    7. img1.ContentId = "Image1"
    8. Mail.Body = Mail.Body & "<td><img src=cid:Image1 alt=></td>"
    9. Dim av1 As AlternateView = AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString(Mail.Body, Nothing, MediaTypeNames.Text.Html)
    10. av1.LinkedResources.Add(img1)
    11. Mail.AlternateViews.Add(av1)
    12. Mail.IsBodyHtml = True
    13. Mail.Body = TextBox6.Text
    15. Using SMTP As New SmtpClient("")
    16.          SMTP.EnableSsl = True
    17.          SMTP.Credentials = New Net.NetworkCredential("", "myPassword")
    18.          SMTP.Port = "587"
    19.          SMTP.Send(Mail)
    20. End Using

    This is what the mail looks like.
    Name:  Captura de pantalla 2021-01-19 221737.jpg
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Size:  33.8 KB

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    Re: I'm missing the text in my Mail.Body email.

    That's because you didn't include it in your view. The email you've created contains two bodies as you've defined it. A text (which is the default) and an HTML view (defined by the alternate view) which is used by clients that support it (such as the web client you're using). But the text from the text box wasn't set until after you create the alternate view, so it wasn't included. If you want it included, you need to build up the HTML first, then use it when creating the alternate view for hte HTML view of the email ...

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    Re: I'm missing the text in my Mail.Body email.

    Hi techgnome, Your're right I implemented the fix you suggested and it worked just fine.

    Thank you.

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