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    Flash Component

    so, with the end of flash, they added a kill switch, that makes the component not working, so its not just browsers but also any VB6 program using the .ocx
    in windows 7 (an earlier) its easy, you simple uninstall and take an older version of the adobe activex setup. but for windows 10, they made it harder to do that.

    one way around it could be to register the OCX manually, but theres a few problems doing so,
    you need to place the ocx in windows system folder and register it properly or it will not work.

    I read you can use manifest, but the problem is to know how to edit the manifest file with the correct tlbid and clsid. something Im not really sure how to get.

    another problem is copyright, can we simple copy an older flash.ocx and use it? eventually it will be abandoned so the copyright would disappear.

    preferable I would like to add a OCX in a component\flash.ocx folder, that can be there and be used by the program alone.

    anyone has any idea or workarounds?

    (it seems that version 371 don't have the kill switch)
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