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Thread: Basic Wordpress Plugin Layout Via Visual Studio?

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    Basic Wordpress Plugin Layout Via Visual Studio?

    Hello I know nothing about PHP but would like to learn more when I have time to do so but in the mean while I need to hire programmers for a website project.
    Prices quoted have been too high and I am hoping to be able to just do some basic things for my wordpress plugin before handing it over to them.

    Basically I just wanted to know if I can use Visual Studio to create a very basic plugin that does nothing really but only so I can add the plugin menu items under the plugin name, plugin meta data, and tab/panels that would be associated with the plugin menu items.

    Can I do this easily with Visual Studio?

    I just want to add menu items, tabs/panels and if possible layout stuff like textboxes/labels/buttons via drag n drop..
    How can I setup VS to do this basic PHP wordpress plugin layout/design stuff?

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    Re: Basic Wordpress Plugin Layout Via Visual Studio?

    In short: you don't.

    Slghtly longer answer: I wouldn't use VS for this, but VS Code with the PHP plugin for it.

    Even longer answer: PHP is a script language. It isn't a first class language like VB or C#. It doesn't compile to a runable executable. All you need to edit PHP is a text editor like notepad or NotePad++, or better still, the aforementioned VS Code. You need to have knowledge of PHP, HTML, and JavaScript in order to do what you want. You'll need to know what file(s) to modify. Plugins for WP follow a given API methodology and layout in order for them to work. specific file names, function names, etc. It's not as simple as like it is in VB or other languages where you just open up the project and drag something in and drop it. IT doesn't quite work that way. That may be why some of the quotes you're seeing are so high. OTOH they may be counting on that and are gouging you on that, don't know what the specifics are, so can't really say. But I do know from experience that it's not a simple matter.

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    Re: Basic Wordpress Plugin Layout Via Visual Studio?

    There are some visual studio code extensions for WordPress to write code faster. Visual Studio Code is Microsoft's lightweight, cross-platform, open source code It will become standard also. We are customizing plugin layout with visual studio.
    if do you want to know more: link removed by moderators so that it doesn't look like spam
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