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Thread: VB6 (RC6) Slider-Widget with Auto-Vert/Horz-Switching

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    VB6 (RC6) Slider-Widget with Auto-Vert/Horz-Switching

    Just a simple Demo, which shows an efficient Slider-Control implementation.
    (about 70 Lines of code in cwSlider).

    Also included is a Demonstration for "visual inheritance" (of cwSlider in cwSliderFish)... don't ask...

    Here's a ScreenShot:

    And here the Demo-Code for this initial version:

    Edit (a newer version v2 is available in the Link below):
    - fixed a few Rendering-glitches with higher Zoom-Factors
    - the cwSlider.cls is now able, to render the thumb from User-ImgResources as well (by setting a Widget.ImageKey)
    - placed a few more comments in the surrounding Demo-App

    Have fun,

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    Re: VB6 (RC6) Slider-Widget with Auto-Vert/Horz-Switching

    I made some changes, because your very good example, draw both fish and arrow:

    At cwSlidder:
    Public NoArrow As Boolean
    In same class at W_Paint:
    If Not NoArrow Then Cairo.Theme.DrawTo CC, W, thmTypeArrow, IIf(W.Focused, thmStateHovered, 0), xV - 6, 0, 13, 7, 0, thmDirectionDown
    At cwSliderFish, we place the S.NoArrow=True, so now we didn't get the arrow behind the image of fish (or any other)
    Private Sub Class_Initialize()
      Set S = New cwSlider  'create a new (normal) cwSlider-instance
      S.NoArrow = True
      Set W = S.Widget 'now override our internal WidgetBase with it
    End Sub

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