Visual Basic, along with its Application Framework, is supported in .NET 5 and Visual Studio 16.8! Visual Studio 16.8 includes the Windows Forms Designer, so Visual Basic is ready for you to migrate existing applications or create new applications.

While .NET Core has had Visual Basic since the first release, and WinForms since it was released in .NET Core 3.1, it did not include the Application Framework library and WinForms Designer support Visual Basic programmers expect. .NET 5 is the next version of .NET Core and we think .NET 5 is ready for you to migrate existing .NET Framework apps or create new WinForms applications.

We’re excited about the updates for Visual Basic in .NET 5, but first a reminder that you can base your decision to migrate to .NET 5 on whether or not you want its new features and how you need to interop with .NET 5 applications. The .NET Framework will be supported as part of Windows for a very long time. New features will not be added to .NET Framework. New features, including new WinForms features, will be added only to .NET 5 and future versions.

Visual Studio 16.8 and .NET 5 include the following updates for WinForms development in .NET 5: