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Thread: Delete a file on android device with web page

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    Delete a file on android device with web page

    I want to delete a specified file from the device internal storage when the web page(html) I created on the Android device opens.
    Is this possible? If yes, please guide me by giving an example.

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    Re: Delete a file on android device with web page

    Uh, yeaaaaah... I don't think that's possible... if it were, people could write web pages that could easily brick people's phones by deleting various files.

    It just seems like a bad thing right from the get go. Now, you created an app that stored a file in localstorage, then you should be able to delete it as well, providing that it's properly sandboxed and stored where it should be. But if it's not a file you created I would hope you're outta luck.

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    Re: Delete a file on android device with web page

    No, that's not possible you can find out the other way to do this otherwise you can delete the file specifically.

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