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Thread: How to remove a section in the middle of a video?

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    How to remove a section in the middle of a video?

    It is very easy to remove an unwanted part of a video in the beginning or the end of a video.
    For example the Photos App has a Trim feature that does this.
    I have done that quite a number of times.

    But, if I need to remove an unwanted segment in the middle of a video, it is so difficult.
    I ran a google search and found this:
    In the middle of that webpage, there is a section titled: "How to trim multiple parts of a video using Photos"

    I am trying to do exactly that.
    I have split a long video into 4 parts.
    Then I have selected the first part, then I have been trying to trim that first section.

    However, that is exactly where the problem lies:
    The slidebars move so fast!!!
    When I try to move the slidebars to mark the beginning and end of the good segment that I want to keep, the slidebars move much too fast.
    I try to move my mouse a tiny little bit, but then the slidebar moves a whole lot!!!
    If I try to move the slidebar by letting it "play" the video until it reaches the desired point, then it takes a lot of time.
    Using the one-frame move forward or back is even more time consuming as NUMEROUS frames must be covered before reaching the desired point.

    Is there anything that I am missing?
    Is there an easy way of doing it?
    I just need to remove a bad part from the MIDDLE of a video.

    Also, there are some other problems (aside from the main problem that I explained above) with using Photos for this purpose:

    1- I couldn't find a way to mute Photos while doing this.
    I had to mute my whole computer, which means that I can not listen to some music (for example on youtube) while doing this.
    Is there a way to mute Photos?

    2- I couldn't find a "File Select" or "Browse for a File" in there.
    I was lucky to find my file in there because I had just downloaded it from youtube.
    But, if the file had not been downloaded (for example if I already had that on my hard disk) then it would not be in there for me to select.

    There is a "Folder select" or "Add Folder" (or whatever its name is), to add a folder to the folders the contents of which it shows when you open Photos and choose the "Select" option.
    But, there is no "File select" in order to open a file without adding its folder to the list
    Or maybe there is a "File select" that I couldn't find
    Is there one?

    3- I couldn't find any way of "discarding a project"
    When I open photos and click on "Select", it shows the last project that I had worked on (even though I had not saved it)
    Now, how do I "discard" that project?
    Lets say I want to start from scratch. There should be a way to discard that project and start from scratch.
    So, how do I discard and start from scratch?

    Please help.

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    Re: How to remove a section in the middle of a video?

    Use something else more suited to editing video. Since I'm on Linux I use OpenShot for editing. It has a zoom feature that allows me to step through the video at different rates so that I can get the exact point I want. Look for something similar. Sounds like Photos is decent, but is pretty basic. You need something of a higher quality.

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