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Thread: Same navbar on multiple pages.

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    Same navbar on multiple pages.

    I have Index.html , about.html contact.html using bootstrap

    I have created a navbar on Index.html but I want the same navbar on all the pages.

    Do i have to copy the same code on every page or is there any other procedure.

    Please suggest!!

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    Re: Same navbar on multiple pages.

    If you where using I would have suggested Master Pages.
    In PHP , have a look here , maybe it can help you do the same:
    And bootstrap:
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    Re: Same navbar on multiple pages.

    Essentially what you're referring to often called components, partials, or templates depending on your environment.

    A fairly straightforward solution using jQuery would be to define the properties of your navbar and its items in a JSON file. You'd then use AJAX to read the JSON file and convert it to an object. Using the object, you would then build the DOM on the fly using the properties of the object and optionally properties from the current location (like the URL to specify an "active" item).

    Could you elaborate on the technologies that you're using and what it is that you'd expect?

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