This is a simple example using M2000 Interpreter and Environment. M2000 Environment is a project written in VB6, an open source project.

M2000 language is a BASIC flavor with OOP and THREADS. There is no need to use external libraries although we can use external dll and COM objects (with events also). Target for M2000 is Education. Also this language is good for amateur programmers which like programming for fun.

M2000 Environment is very stable, and can be used from Windows XP to Windows 10. Also can run in a Linux OS through Wine (but not all features can be used, like the programmable midi score player)

Look the code and think about the code for the same task in another language.

As a game show here another code, from your favorite language to do the same task (the task is to show a graphic face like this and show the current time).

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\\ enable GDI+ for smooth lines for graphics
Pen 14
Cls 5, 0
smooth on 
declare Form1 Form
with Form1, "title", "My Happy Window"
layer Form1 {
    Rem Font "Verdana"
    linespace 60
    window 18, 8000,8000;
    Gradient #2255FF, 5
    move scale.x div 2, scale.y div 2
    width 4 {circle Fill #8833aa, scale.x div 2.5}
    width 4 {circle scale.x div 3.5,0.5, pen, pi,0}
    width 4 {circle scale.x div 3.5,0.9, pen, pi,0}
    Pen #33aacc {
        step -scale.x div 5.5, - scale.y div 6.5
        circle fill #33aacc, scale.x div 12.5
        step 2*scale.x div 5.5
        circle fill #33aacc, scale.x div 12.5
    circle fill pen, scale.x div 22.5, 1.5
    step -2*scale.x div 5.5
    circle fill pen, scale.x div 22.5, 1.5
    thread {
        Cursor 0, Height-1
        Print Over $(6),"Current Time: "+str$(now,"long time")
    } as K interval 1000/120
\\ hide console
title "", 0
method Form1, "Show", 1
threads Erase
\\ Set a title and restore console
title "M2000 Console", 1
declare Form1 Nothing