I have to create a small management for an expiration date.
I created a form with 2 textboxes and a label.
The user only has to fill in the deadline manually inside a Textbox.
I have created a class for reading where the data is displayed in a repeater.
Inside the repeater there is a column where the click is automatically inserted the data inside the form except the expiration, because this column comes from a table that I created new and empty inside the db.
Now I have created two classes that do insert and update.
My problem is that the method does not recognize the values ​​passed into the form, but from default values.

This is the insert method:
HTML Code:

MyParm = cmd.Parameters.Add("@ID_CUSTOMER", SqlDbType.Int)

MyParm.Value = CInt(txt_COD_CUSTOMER.Text)

MyParm = cmd.Parameters.Add("@COMPANY_NAME", SqlDbType.NVarChar)

MyParm.Value = lbl_COMPANY_NAME.Text

MyParm = cmd.Parameters.Add("@EXP_DATE", SqlDbType.Date)

MyParm.Value = CDate(txt_EXP_DATE.Text)

Try cmd.Connection = cn

cmd.CommandText = "LST_INSERT_TABLE_01"

cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure cmd.Connection.Open()


MsgBox("Date expired conferm", vbInformation)

Catch ex As Exception




End Try

End Sub
and this is Click event:

HTML Code:
Protected Sub btn_Save_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)

        For Each item As RepeaterItem In Repeater1.Items
            Dim txt_exp_date As TextBox = item.FindControl("TXT_exp-date")
            If txt_exp_date IsNot "" Then
                Dim insert As New Class_LST_INSERT_TABLE
                Exit For

                Dim update As New Class_LST_UPDATE_TABLE
                Exit For
            End If

    End Sub
Also I was wondering if there was another way to create this Save button using stored procedures.