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Thread: Impossible problem VB.Net - Please help

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    Impossible problem VB.Net - Please help

    Hi Everyone,

    I am facing problem that I do not understand. I have tried all without any result, so decided to write for your help.

    I am trying to search table in database (Access OleDbConnection)

    I am running code as bellow to find:

    number 7 - Not found
    number 10 - Found
    number 11 (after adding manually into the table) - Not found

    Photos attached.

    I am crazy about it and do not know what to do.
     For i = 0 To DataGridView1.Rows.Count - 1
                If DataGridView1.Rows(i).Cells(0).Value = 7 Then
                    znaleziono = True
                    znaleziono = False
                End If
            If znaleziono = True Then
                MsgBox("Znaleziono", vbInformation, "")
                MsgBox("Nie znaleziono", vbInformation, "")
            End If
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    Re: Impossible problem VB.Net - Please help

    You should never be asking a question here without having debugged your code and if you had debugged this code then the issue would be obvious. Debug your code. Set a breakpoint at the top of the code and step through the code line by line. Once you understand what your code is actually doing, you'll see why it's not doing what you want it to.

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    Re: Impossible problem VB.Net - Please help

    I think you should be more elaborative. If am not mistaking, you said you are trying to search a database then why are you iterating through DGV content?

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    Re: Impossible problem VB.Net - Please help

    Lol this is a classic mistake, doing a search loop like that. Look very carefully at how that code is structured. Here's a question that should clue you in: Why are you still looping after finding the value you're looking for?
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