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Thread: Service runs when computer 'wakes up' from StandBy

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    Question Service runs when computer 'wakes up' from StandBy

    I'll keep this really simple: I would like to write a Visual Basic program, probably needs to be a service, that will do something when the computer 'wakes up' from having been in StandBy mode. Would you please point me to some guidance for this.

    If the guidance also has a way to test the program without requiring the computer to go into/come out of StandBy mode, that would be great (and a huge time saver).

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    Re: Service runs when computer 'wakes up' from StandBy

    You might find this article of interest
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    Re: Service runs when computer 'wakes up' from StandBy

    If you do want to create a service then you might check this out:

    You can test the code that gets executed on the event any way you like, but you can never test that it will actually handle the specific event you want without raising that event.

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