Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I thought a community of VB experts would be able to help me out ! I'm myself not a dev at all, though I do understand a little bit of VB and more generally coding.

Basically, i'm trying to use the "ConvertFormat" script by Samsoft (available here) to convert a large part of my iTunes library (over 4k songs) from M4A ALAC to AIFF, while keeping playlist membership and other iTunes related info intact. So far, my efforts have been largely unsuccessful, probably due to the script having been written for older versions of iTunes and Windows. While it does manage to convert a few files at a time and the converted files do keep relevant info, the script fails to delete the previous file as it should (which in itself isn't a major issue and can be worked around) despite being launched as admin, but most importantly it simply gives up on the whole task after anywhere between 1 and 15 files, sending back an error message saying "The Playlist has been deleted" at line 439 char 5, with code "A0040202". There doesn't seem to be a pattern to when the script stops working relating to the specific song being converted, so I'm really not sure what to do, especially since the core function of the script does still work (conversion inside iTunes and keeping song info), it just eventually crashes. I tried disabling UAC as the script itself suggests when starting, but that just gives back a different error and crashes the script on startup. I think that the issue stems from me using W10 with a script that was written with W7 in mind, which may explain the UAC situation.

Already tried posting on reddit (r/visualbasic and r/iTunes), but to no avail, so you guys are kind of my last hope to figure this out, so thank you for any help you can provide !