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Thread: How to insert radio button in dropdown menu??

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    How to insert radio button in dropdown menu??

    Hello Everyone,

    My question is how can I insert radio button in dropdown menu.

    Please suggest me!!

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    Re: How to insert radio button in dropdown menu??

    Try removing the eels from your hovercraft.
    For help on that, there's a link in my signature.

    "Huh? What?" you say... "What does that have to do with your question?" Everything. Specifically, the lack of details. How are you creating this dropdown menu? How is it invoked? What does the code look like? It's not going to do anyone any good to post an answer only to find out that either a) you already tried it and it didn't work (in which case, specify what happened when you did) or b) isjn't compatible with what ever you're using (what if you using something like React or JQuery, and someone gives a perfectly good answer but wrecks the rest of things?)

    So read the link, and come back with some more details.

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    Re: How to insert radio button in dropdown menu??

    1) When you are editing or creating a sign up form, click the "Create A New Field" button to produce a new field. ...
    2) In the popup that appears, select either you would like a "Select Box" (drop down) or "Radio" button field.
    3) When you click on your selection, you will be prompted to enter your choices.

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