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Thread: How Can I print All Images in DataBase Records ?

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    How Can I print All Images in DataBase Records ?

    hi Everyone.

    I have a Database (Access or Sql Database) and in this database I have pictures of Records.

    I want to Print all this images in one page. I try to get images from DataGridView Column. But I can Get only certain Record Image. and all image is same.

    For y = 37.43 + 15 To (133.67 * 8) Step 133.67 '10 To 650 Step 150
    For x = 6.05 + 15 To (390.75 * 2 + 9.86) Step (390.75 + 9.86) '10 To (832 - 397) Step 419  '20 To 530 Step 350
    Dim img As Byte() = CType(DgV.CurrentRow.Cells(17).Value, Byte())
    Dim ms As MemoryStream = New MemoryStream(img)
    e.Graphics.DrawImage(Image.FromStream(ms), CInt(x + 300), CInt(y + 35), (CInt(PictureBox1.Width / 2.5)), (CInt(PictureBox1.Height / 2.5)))
    There are 12 records in Database. how can I get all images and print

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    Re: How Can I print All Images in DataBase Records ?

    Firstly, the grid should be irrelevant. You should be populating a DataTable from the database and that is where you should be getting the image data from. Before you even consider printing anything, you should be making sure you can do that and get all those images. Only when you can do that should you then try printing multiple images. Once you can do both, put the two together as a last step. When you try to solve multiple problems at the same time, you often end up solving none, which is what you're doing. Stop, think and break your problem down into the smallest possible parts before doing anything else.

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