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Thread: Generating Installation File

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    Generating Installation File

    Hello sir/madam

    I want to create setup files for my project. I am using 3 different SQ lite Database differently by creating database from SQ lite software .
    But, the problem i encountered is, after the setup is complete when i run .exe file i could not login my application.
    It seems my sqlite databases are not connected with the installation files.
    How do i add the sqlite databases into my project during installation ?
    How do i define the relative path for those databases in connection string?


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    Re: Generating Installation File

    This is not a VB.NET question. This site has an Application Deployment forum and that is where question about deployment belong. I have asked the mods to move this thread.

    You might also consider explaining how you are currently creating the installer, because there isn't just one way.

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    Re: Generating Installation File

    Moved to Application Development

    Welcome to the forums.

    Realistically, we're going to need more information before we can help. What mechanism are you using to do the set up. Scripts, Deployment projects, something else...?
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