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Thread: Edit Database Table Values via WPF Datagrid - Visual Basic

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    Edit Database Table Values via WPF Datagrid - Visual Basic

    Good Morning,

    I am building a database in SQL Server with a gui built in WPF. I am using Visual Basic to write the code behind.

    One of my first steps is to build the tables that contain things such as position titles, etc... I would like to build a way for the end user to be able to edit the list of values for these position titles in the gui. To do this I am trying toadd a datagrid to a window in wpf. I then created a connection from the gui to the database. Below are images of the process. When I drag the position titles from the Data Sources to the datagrid I get an error that states that it "Cannotadd the control to the design surface or bind to the control because the type vb_wpf_datagrid_wpf_DataSet cannot be resolved. Please try to build the project or add necessary assembly references." Please see the image below for the exact errorthat I receive.

    Can you please help me understand how to do this correctly? Many thanks in advance...

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    Re: Edit Database Table Values via WPF Datagrid - Visual Basic

    Hii Saved,

    I know this is an old post but I had this very same problem and could not find an answer for it anywhere.

    Then by trying something out I found the answer!

    It would seem that when I installed VS it set the default project folder to a space reserved for me on my work's network. Once I created a project on the local drive (where Visual Studio was installed) it worked fine.

    This may not solve your particular problem but I thought I should reply since there doesn't seem to be much on this on the old internet.

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